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About skin aging

Loss of elasticity

Our skin loses its elasticity in the course of a lifetime. The individual skin layers become thinner and drier. Lines and folds stand out visibly. The volume of the lower skin layers also decreases and changes the harmonious proportions of the face. The decrease in elasticity and the activity of the mimic muscles lead to the formation of small wrinkles and folds.

Decrease in the body's own hyaluronic acid

In addition to the age-related changes to the skin, environmental influence, such as intense solar radiation, air pollution and free radicals, also cause a decrease in the body’s own hyaluronic acid. This is a natural component of the body that fulfils important functions such as maintaining moisture, suppleness and elasticity of the skin. In addition to the described skin aging, the lower tissue layers lose their stability, strength and volume.

Triangle of Youth

Over time, the midface sinks into the bottom third of the face. These circumstances have a decisive impact on the face proportions and cause the reversal of the so-called "triangle-of-youth"