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Minimally invasive aesthetic medicine

Natural, pain-free & safe: Aesthetic medicine has now come a long way; it is almost painless and allows a natural effect without down time - and, above all, it is minimally invasive.

About skin-ageing

Our skin loses its elasticity over the course of a lifetime. The individual skin layers become thinner and drier. Lines and folds stand out visibly. The volume of the lower skin layersalso decreases and changes the harmonious proportions of the face.

Patient Journey
On the patient’s side

In modern aesthetic medicine it is important for doctors and patients to interact with and trust each other. The focus is on the most natural result possible with a long-lasting effect.


Frequently asked questions

UNIVERSKIN™ is a personalized and tailor-made cosmetical treatment developed to match an individual’s skin requirements, dealing with a range of skin active ingredients including dryness, blemishes, oiliness, uneven tone, redness and more.
What are the advantages of UNIVERSKIN™?
- Personalized
- Minimalistic
- Precise
- Adaptable
- Safe
- Consistent efficacy
- Multiple combinations
- Free from conventional chemical preservatives
- Freshly prepared every time
- Penetration of the active ingredients into the skin
What will I get with UNIVERSKIN™?
With the personalized serum, your skin receives exactly what it needs. Utilizing nanotechnology in a unique minimalist serum containing omega 3, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and biomimetic peptides, UNIVERSKIN™ Serum P provides a highly active base that on its own can help to soothe inflamed skin.
Up to three active ingredients can be added to the serum in order to personalize it to take charge and improve your skin.
What indications and conditions does UNIVERSKIN™ may improve?
• Cutaneous barrier dysfunctions
• Ageing
• Blemishes
• Dehydration
• Inflammation
• Redness
• Tone
• Pigmentation
• Oily Skin
• Resurfacing and Retexturing
• Oxidized skin
• Discolouration