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The most modern hyaluronic acid filling-line in the world

The years of experience within processing and filling of hyaluronic acid in glass syringes will soon be crowned with an absolute success. In early 2018, Croma will open its doors in Austria to the most modern filling system for hyaluronic acid syringes worldwide.

Innovative crosslinking technology

The company is making use of an innovative crosslinking technology. In this method, the hyaluronic acid chains are carefully aligned to one another by a particular processing step in order to optimize forming of a network. The gel is crosslinked with BDDE. In this step, the hyaluronic acid chains are linked together by bridges, so that they gain a greater resistance and consequently longer durability.

Automation – Stability – Safety

Up to 5,000 syringes per hour

Croma always relies on tailor-made production lines, which are characterized by their high level of automation. This unique process control system thus minimizes human influence while guaranteeing consistently high quality and stability.

In addition, all production data are recorded and can be analysed in detail. During filling with the open RABS system, a technology for aseptic filling is used in addition to terminal sterilization.

“In order to guarantee the best quality, we have invested promptly and continuously in fully automated production processes. In this segment, that is not a matter of course, but an exception. It is exactly what distinguishes us from our competitors.“

Martin Prinz, CTO

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