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R & D

Our own Research and Development team is focused on fundamental research and product development supported by Croma’s internal clinical development department.

A second research centre in Tulln (Austria) is used as a biotech incubator for the development and synthesis of novel polymers.

Croma invests almost 30 percent of its annual turnover in the research and development of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

In addition, Croma maintains numerous cooperations with national and international research institutes.

The in-house research labs offer numerous advantages: They enable permanent quality assurance in the development of safe and effective products as well as therapies.

The competences of Croma are so broad that the entire product life cycle is covered. The repertoire of Croma includes evaluation of product safety, efficacy and medical benefits. It includes the generation of clinical data for the successful development, registration and commercialization of the products.