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IMCAS Paris 2019: Symposia

Symposia at IMCAS World Congress 2019

CROMA proudly announces the following expert talks during the IMCAS 2019.

Let us take you into the future of aesthetic medicine with the launch of our saypha® HA filler line alongside the rest of Croma’s wide product and service portfolio, supporting you to realize your full potential.


Your patients’ HA filler journey into well-being

A patient journey and  the psychological effects following treatments with HA fillers

Speakers:  Dr Roshan Ravindran, MBChB MRCGP MRCP &
Kimberley Cairns BSc, MSc MBPsS
(moderated by Steven Dayan M.D.)

Date: Friday, Feb. 1st , 2:00–3:00 pm (room 352 - level 3)

PDO threads

Your simple choice in sophisticated diversity

How to choose the right patient and the right threads to ensure patients satisfaction

Speaker: Eyal Kramer, MD
(moderated by Steven Dayan M.D.)

Date: Friday, Feb. 1st, 3:00–4:00 pm (room 352 - level 3)

saypha® + Universkin™

Your customized HA filler and skincare formula

Optimize your results with a combination of HA fillers and personalized skincare

Speaker: Wioletta Baranska-Rybak, MD, PhD

Date: Saturday, Feb. 2nd , 10.30–11.30 am (room 251 - level 2)

Bespoke & Digital

A new skin treatment approach

How to adapt bespoke skincare depending 
on the type of patients and their skin needs

Speakers: Dr. Fred Weksberg (Dermatologist), Canada & Dr. Harry Arampatzis (Pharm.D), France

Date: Saturday, Feb. 2nd , 2:00–3:00 pm (room 352 - level 3)

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