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New global brand campaign by Croma

In the course of rolling out its new Corporate Design, Croma introduces a new look and feel for the B2B communication of the umbrella brand CROMA. This international campaign primarily supports the image building of the brand CROMA as a strong, quality-conscious and medical partner of our customers.

In communication with our customers — the medical professionals — we now also rely on a pictorial language that artistically underscores the medical-clean logo image, providing Croma with a face and telling a story to the market.

We celebrate beauty with the imagery of our Global Brand campaign. The campaign will unfold its full force by interaction of the uniqueness of the motives with slightly irritating elements, which stands in contrast to the beauty of the protagonists.

Croma-Pharma GmbH sets the course for entering the US market

Croma-Pharma GmbH (Croma) is establishing a joint venture company with its long-time partner Hugel, Inc. to develop and commercialize botulinum toxin, HA filler and PDO thread products in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

On Sept 05th, Croma has stated that the company is moving forward in its plan preparing a successful launch of itsHA filler and PDO thread products on the US market. 

The joint venture company will be established with Croma’s Korean partner Hugel, Inc. Croma will be transferring its Botulax (Hugel´s botulinum toxin product) distribution rights for US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and also the 100% shares of its Canada and Australia subsidiaries in exchange for 30% of the joint venture company. Hugel will invest $90,000,000 in cash and future commitments and subscribe for equity representing 70% of the joint venture company. As a result of this transaction, the joint venture company will secure perpetual license to Croma’s HA filler and PDO thread products and Hugel’s botulinum toxin product in the aforementioned territories.  

Said joint venture company will be in charge of developing and commercializing Croma’s HA filler and PDO thread products and Hugel’s Botulax product in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and spearheading all clinical, regulatory, and marketing operations in order to ensure successful entry of the above products in the territories. Additionally, the joint venture company will be collaborating with Croma for marketing activities in Europe for a successful launch. 

Croma’s Managing Director, Andreas Prinz, explained, “By partnering with Hugel in these major aesthetic markets, we clear another hurdle in our international expansion process, while intensifying our relationship with Hugel. Both companies will certainly benefit from the experiences we make together in North America and Australia. Croma and Hugel will be moving closer together, based on mutual respect and trust.”

Hugel’s CEO, Jihoon Sohn, stated, “US is a huge market that currently accounts for the majority of the global botulinum toxin market.” He also added, “We have taken the very first step of our global initiatives, and through it, we plan to further strengthen our global footprint with our long-term partner, Croma.” 

About Croma-Pharma GmbH

Founded in 1976, Croma-Pharma GmbH (Croma) is an Austrian family-owned company that specializes in the industrial production of hyaluronic acid syringes for the fields of medical aesthetics, ophthalmology and orthopaedics. Croma currently runs 12 international sales companies and distributes its products in more than 70 countries. Within its global sales network, Croma focuses with own branded products on minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. Besides a broad range of HA Fillers from the own production site, Croma markets PDO lifting threads, a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) system and a personalized skincare technology in its core strategic markets.

About Hugel, Inc.

Hugel is a biopharmaceutical company developing and manufacturing botulinum toxin and HA filler products for use in not only medical aesthetic field, but also in medical therapeutic field. Hugel’s botulinum toxin product, Botulax, is currently marketed in 26 countries worldwide. In addition, Botulax is expected to enter the world’s largest markets such as US, Europe, and China soon. The Chaeum (Dermalax), Hugel’s HA filler product, is currently exported to 14 countries and is expecting approvals in 6 additional countries, including China, Brazil, and Chile.


Mag. Stefanie Höhn
Corporate Director Communications
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Phone .: +43 676 846868 190


Princess® Lift portfolio rejuvenation

New name “Princess® Threads”- New CE Mark - 3 new suture subtypes

Croma strives for bringing innovations to maximize its customers and patient's well-being. As an expert in the combination of different technologies Croma offers a steadily growing, well-coordinated aesthetic product portfolio. Many years of experience in medical devices in aesthetic medicine enables Croma to successfully master the current regulatory challenges caused by the new European Medical Device Regulation. For this reason, we have further developed the portfolio of the Croma bestseller Princess® Lift.

Most suture manufacturers affected by the new MDR

Europe's new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) will cause substantial changes to the way medical device manufacturers register their products to the European market, and how they maintain compliance throughout the product's life cycle (technical documentation, product safety, clinical evaluation, post-market clinical follow-up, traceability). Since the sutures that are currently marketed in Europe are registered as medical device, they will all be affected by the new regulation. For many suture manufacturers, the regulatory requirements will be difficult to implement.

Croma is a step ahead of competition

In the partnership with our manufacturer we have managed to transfer the production of our well known Princess® Lift sutures to the new production site, which 100% complies with the new MDR. In addition, the product name has been changed to Princess® Threads. The new production site also opens for us a technical possibility to introduce 3 new subtypes on top to the existing ones.

HA Filler Launch in Argentina

In May, the event for the launch of the Croma HA Filler took place in Argentina. Croma employees and partners were present when the products were officially presented at a gala with 300 invited physicians.

In addition to a Croma company presentation and a singing performance of two opera singers from Buenos Aires, there was a discussion round with selected doctors at the end of the gala.

Croma at the AMWC in Monaco

Successful start of tailor-made training program "Croma is More", as well as successful launch of Skin Xs

Croma presented itself to the aesthetics industry from 4-7. April 2018 impressive on a floor space of 120 m² with LED video wall and Infoscreen, an interactive information desk, as well as the possibility for live demonstration of its HA gels in the customer discussion. In 2018, Croma was able to inspire the experts with the launch of Skin Xsand the start of the "Croma is More" training program for doctors.

With "Croma is More" for aesthetic excellence

With a team of international experts, Croma launched its "Croma is More" training program as part of a full-day workshop. Dr. Steven Dayan, Tom Seery, Francois Kress and Dr. Paul Nassif shared their expertise on topics such as patient communication, social media, and luxury brand management, giving listeners an "out of the box" thinking. In the afternoon, the 50 registered participants could sit around the table with the speakers during a World Café workshop to talk directly with the experts. The very positive feedback from all participating doctors motivates for the second round in 2019.


Skin Xs - AI Artificial Intelligence in Skincare

Croma also presented the latest innovative advancement of Universkin. Skin Xis an online skin analysis tool. By filling out a questionnaire by the patient, backed by an advanced skin diagnostic algorithm, the calculation of the personal care formula for creating a personalized skin care can be done conveniently from home or in the waiting room. UniverskinTM is a unique, scientifically-based skincare product that is designed to be used exclusively by physicians for aesthetic treatments.

The AMWC in Monaco, with 10,000 visitors from 120 countries and the participation of more than 300 international companies, represents one of the world's largest meeting points for aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. The AMWC unites surgeons, dermatologists and the aesthetics industry under one roof with the opportunity for a unique exchange on innovative technologies and the latest developments.



Mag. Stefanie Höhn
Corporate Director Communications
Cromazeile 2 
A-2100 Leobendorf

Tel.:     +43 676 846868 190