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Farewell skin problems. 
Hello you. 

By developing a skincare brand that combines carefully selected ingredients as well as years of experience in the pharmaceutical and aesthetic field, Croma Pharma® has developed Croma farewell™, a target-specific skincare.

farewell aging skin
farewell dry skin
farewell irritated skin
farewell puffy eyes
farewell oily skin

Pharmaceutical diligence and innovative spirit 

farewell consists of a line of unique serums with a balanced mixture of high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, combined with evidence based and state-of-the-art ingredients to target specific facial skin conditions. 

All serums are vegan, produced cruelty-free and do not contain any harmful ingredients.

The ideal base for each skincare routine

Following a good skincare routine helps to clean and nourish the skin, thus resulting in a fresh, more radiant skin appearance. A serum allows to level up the skincare regimen. As a topical product, characterized by a thin viscosity, the serum contains higher concentrations of potent ingredients, which help to target skin concerns more effectively. Croma farewell™ face serums should be integrated in the daily skincare routine after cleansing the face and before applying a moisturizer.